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I definitely never wanted to produce films. To be honest, if I had wanted to be a producer, I wouldn't have wasted my dad's good money on drama school, I would have studied economics instead.But here we are.

To make a long story short, I stumbled into production and found the challenges that came with the job quite stimulating, so I kind of stuck around. And I am not alone, after all. That is the nice thing about team sports.

In all fairness, I mainly produce my own content, however, I have worked and am working for others on occasion. But in order to get me to produce for you, I must really, really love and understand your concept. Because in production, more than any other job on the team, you need to be 100% behind an idea. It will be hard enough to sell, let alone by a producer who's only half-committed.

So for others I tend to prefer to coordinate production. But when I do commit to your project, you can trust me to be 100% there for you and treat it with the same love and dedication as I do my own.

Herding Cats


It is obviously difficult to coach and direct at the same time, and in my experience low budget sets struggle to even afford key crew positions, let alone an acting coach, but I have fond that young actors, especialy, benefit from having a coach on set. This also takes enormous pressure off the director, as the coach can help guide the actors towards the desired performance before a scene even starts shooting.

I look back on over 18 years of teaching drama and over 10 years of coaching actors.

With my background in casting I also have the necessary insight into what a casting director may be looking for in a performer and can guide the actors towards the performance that will get them the job.

Coaches Save Time


  • Service Production
  • Production Coordination
  • Location Scouting
  • Casting
  • Translation Services
  • PR Services


  • Acting for the Camera
  • Self-Tape Auditions
  • Audition Training
  • General Coaching