Croeso cynnes i chi

A warm welcome to a long overdue overhaul of my website! Why in Welsh? Well, that is a long story. And, no, I am not Welsh. But the first script I penned that actually got funded was set in Wales, for which I have felt a deep love and connection ever since I stood on a beach on the Gower peninsula and was, for an eternal moment or so, transported back to New South Wales, where the gentle roll of the surf and the electrifying buzz of insects in the air with the soft red soil sticking to my feet would forever soothe me into contentment.

I am older now, and I no longer miss Australia, but whenever I get a chance to go to South Wales, I do feel the same sense of calm. And learning the original language of this place that welcomes me to wash off the layers of self-doubt every writer feels in the waters of its historic shores whenever I find my way there again, well, it seemed like the natural thing to do ... albeit as an ongoing daily struggle of mine. But we all have our little obsessions.

My film never got made. Not that one, anyway. Which is sad, as its message is most contemporary. But it certainly paved the way for other projects that did get made. And for that I am eternally grateful.

y tro cyntaf

Pwy ydw i

So who am I? I am a Germany-based, people-pleasing misanthrope who originally trained as an actor with addiditional writing classes as extracurricular work. Originally, an absolute zealot when it came to theatre, I am now an absolute and uncompromising film lover.

With that said, I have to admit that I do still produce theatre on occasion (usually raising money for a friend's production), but I haven't written for the stage or directed any original stage productions since 2012. When it comes to theatre I am the money person.

You can find out about the things I am up to on the individual pages for writing, directing and other filthy Germany words.

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